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1 Feb 2017

What do you put on a form if it asks for your religion?  Many people will respond “Christian” even if they very rarely, if ever, attend church services.

So, is it possible to be a Christian and not attend church?  The answer to that is definitely yes.  Being a Christian is about a personal relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ.  We enter that relationship by turning away from all we know to be wrong and by believing and trusting in Jesus’ death for the forgiveness of all that is p...

1 Apr 2016

None of us are born as Christians.  That may sound shocking but it is true!  Being born in a Christian country does not make us a Christian.  To help us understand this, someone has joked that being born in a garage would not make us a car!  Even being born to devout Christian parents does not make us a Christian.  Nor does attending church regularly make us a Christian automatically.

So how do we become a Christian?

Becoming a Christian is more than simply starting to belie...

1 Nov 2015

I love to hear how other people have come to faith in Jesus Christ – each account is so personal – reminding me how God meets each one of us where we are and knows us individually. So here is how God brought me to himself.


When I went to university, I had not been to church (apart from weddings and funerals) for ten years and knew very little about Christianity.  In my second term, I was invited to a supper party and discussion by some Christian friends – students never refuse a free meal!  Dur...

1 Sep 2014

In the news recently there has been debate as to the extent to which Great Britain is a Christian country.  I wonder whether many UK citizens even have any idea what it means to be a Christian.


In everyday language, people sometimes use the word Christian simply to describe good behaviour or respectability in expressions like ‘that was not a very Christian thing to do’.   In this view, Christians are simply people who do good.


On official forms which include a box where we can state our re...

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