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1 Oct 2019

At this time of year, the nights start drawing in and the number of daylight hours is much less than in the Summer.  Putting the clocks back at the end of the month so that it gets dark even earlier in the evening makes this even more noticeable.  Many of us start to miss the amount of daylight which we enjoy in the Summer.  This can affect our mood – for some people quite mildly, but for others very severely. Light is vital to everyday life and natural light is very different from artificial l...

1 Jan 2016

January can seem like a dark and dreary month.  The Christmas lights no longer brighten our homes and our streets.  The brightly coloured decorations have been packed away for another year.  The days are short and the nights are long and cold.  What is left of Christmas now apart from the credit card bills?

If all there is to Christmas is a shopping spree, a mid-winter family get-together and too much food and drink, then the answer may be that there is little to cheer us in Janua...

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