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1 Sep 2019

Often people use long words in church.  It is better to explain things so that anyone can understand.  On this page, I am only using words which are used very often - the ten hundred most used words.  I want to explain what I believe using these words.  Explaining things simply helps us think about what things really mean and what is important.

God created the world and everything in it.  All that he created was good.  He also created men and women. He put these people in control...

1 Jul 2017

There is an old saying that we can only be certain of two things in life – death and taxes.  While that is a pessimistic view, we do indeed live in a world of uncertainty. Recent terrorist atrocities have only served to underline the fact that at the beginning of each day we cannot be certain what will have happened by the end of that day.

When we think further ahead, how can we be certain what will happen to us after we die?  Is there life after death?  If there is a heaven, how can we be sure...

1 Jul 2016

As you have passed the Baptist Church recently, you may have noticed something different. The big arched window above the door has been transformed to look like stained glass and is now illuminated with low energy lighting during the evening. We hope that you will agree that this helps brighten and improve the appearance of this end of the village (without any damage to the antique window glass!).

The window features a simple representation of the cross on which Jesus was executed. This reminds...

1 Jul 2015

Most of us now have a computer at home and through it are connected online to the mass of information available electronically from throughout the world.  Many of us even have online access through smart phones in our pocket.  Although this would have been unimaginable thirty years ago, this is the world in which we now live and the young adults of today have never really known any different.


Reading the gospels, it is clear that Jesus generally spoke to people in language which they could...

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