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  • Jim Etherton

What do you truly value and believe in?

In my experience, most people who do not go to church have not completely rejected God outright. There are possibly more people who are unsure of what they believe than there are convinced atheists or committed Christians. Being unsure about faith, as about other things is fine – but eventually we need to make our minds up. If we are unsure about whether to go on holiday or not, then eventually we either decide to book something and go or we end up by default not having a holiday at all. When deciding what values and beliefs we will base our life on, we may make a conscious decision as to what we believe and what is most important in our life. If we don’t, then actually by default we have decided that certain things are not important to us. The best way to tell what we truly value and believe in is to look at what we willingly spend time and energy on – that is a better indication than anything we might say.

As a Christian, I believe that faith and trust in Jesus is of ultimate importance. Knowing Jesus is far more important than attending church services – but in our Sunday services we can learn more about what it means to believe and together grow in faith. Following Jesus without the help and support of others within a local church is tough. To attend a church service, you do not need to be certain what you believe. It is OK to come with an open mind and to ask questions. None of us has all the answers. But I firmly believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6) and that if we truly seek to follow him then he makes things a lot clearer for us.

You would be very welcome to attend a service at the Baptist Church any Sunday, and I am sure that the other churches in the village would welcome you too. Why not come and find out for yourself whether the Christian faith is worth exploring further and making a conscious decision about?

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