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  • Jim Etherton

Does God really care about me?

At the Village Festival, this was a question which someone posted on our “If Jesus was here today what would you ask him?” board.

During life we all face various difficulties: loneliness, illness, stress, bereavement, financial and relationship problems. Whatever issues we face can feel overwhelming and it can seem like no-one understands or is going through the same as us. So we ask “Does God really care about me?” If he is as loving and as powerful as portrayed in the Bible then why doesn’t he do something? This is hard to answer in such a brief post but perhaps I can give some helpful pointers.

Firstly, I believe that God really cares deeply about every one of us: enough to suffer and die on the cross for us in the person of Jesus Christ. While concerned about our everyday problems, God knows that our biggest need is forgiveness and a restored relationship with him.

Secondly, how do we want God to show that he cares for us? Have we asked him in prayer for this and then looked expectantly for his response through the Bible and through the Church. In the gospels we see Jesus responding to people’s deepest needs when they come to him honestly with their problems and questions.

Thirdly, I think God might sometimes ask us “Do you really care about me?” Most of God’s promises are for those who choose to believe, trust and follow him.

Fourthly, will we let God show his love to us? Often when we are hurting we can keep other people and God at arms’ length. We don’t let them care for us in the way that they want to. God would love to have a deeper relationship with each one of us so that he can make us increasingly aware of his loving care for us – but only if we will let him.

Try praying this simple prayer “Jesus – if you really care about me then I ask you please to show it to me in a way that I will be able to see”. If you pray that sincerely then you may be amazed at how and where the answer comes.

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