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  • Jim Etherton

Eating Outdoors

In the summer, it is great to spend time outside in the fresh air. And there is something special about eating outdoors. Whether it is a picnic, a barbecue or simply taking our lunchtime sandwich outside, eating in the open air can lift our spirits, especially when shared with family or friends.

On Saturday 10th June, we can all enjoy being outdoors at the village festival. As usual, there will be food available among the other attractions. There will also be the opportunity to meet up with old friends and maybe make some new ones. On the Baptist Church stall we will be looking forward to talking with a wide variety of people. We will be offering a free gift to everyone – to help you with your summer barbecues. Look out for our bright red gazebo on the common among all the other stalls and come along for your free gift.

The following Saturday, 17th June at 5:30pm we will be holding a barbecue in the garden behind the Baptist Church. Everyone is welcome. We will be joined by author and speaker, Peter Gladwin. After the barbecue, there will be an opportunity to hear Peter’s amazing life story.

Peter’s ministry, particularly in prisons, has taken him into dark places. His own traumatic early experiences, and his subsequent and more recent struggles to walk the Christian path, have helped him to appreciate, and to explain, how God’s grace can change your life.

We hope you can join us at our barbecue. For further information or to let us know you are coming email

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