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  • Jim Etherton

Christmas: All Wrapped Up?

Have you got Christmas all wrapped up? Some people like to get it all organised weeks in advance while others prefer to leave it to the last few days. But I don’t only mean the presents, the food and the other practical preparations. Have you got the idea of Christmas all wrapped up in your mind?

Have you decided that Christmas is really just for children? Or that it is all just an excuse for a lot of eating and drinking? Or maybe that it is all about shops getting us to buy more stuff that we don’t really need? Or just a bit of a light-hearted break in the middle of winter?

There may be an element of truth in all those views – but they are only looking at the outside – at the wrappings of Christmas. If we unwrap Christmas and look at the original meaning at its heart we find that there is something wonderful to discover. Christmas is about God’s love for rebellious people. About God coming and being with us in the mess we have made of things. About God showing that he understands us and cares for us more than we can imagine. About God wanting to reveal himself to ordinary people like you and me. There is a real gift from God to us in the Christmas message, which is worth unwrapping and holding onto all year.

Please visit our stall at the Christmas Market on Thursday 7th December, where we would love to meet you, to chat with you and to give you a free gift including a sheet of Christmas wrapping paper (for you to use to wrap a present) and a booklet of Christmas carols which explains a little about the meaning of some well-known carols.

You would be very welcome at any of our Christmas Carol Services:

Sunday 17th December 6:30pm Sunday 24th December 10:30am Christmas Morning 10:00am

At each service (which will last about an hour), we will be singing familiar Christmas carols and remembering the true message of Christmas together. The two Sunday services will be followed by hot drinks and mince pies.

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