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  • Jim Etherton

Bad News, Good News

What do you want to hear first, the bad news or the good news? That is a common opening for a joke or tall tale. The truth is that life is full of both good and bad news – although the media often seem to focus more on the bad news. The relentless stream of news about violence, disaster, crime and evil from around the globe can be overwhelming and depressing. But as a Christian I believe that evil never has the last word.

Jesus warned us that wars, poverty, pain and injustice would continue throughout our life on Earth. Sadly, they are part of this life as a result of mankind’s rebellion against our creator God. None of us live up to what God intends for us – we all fall short in so many ways – and this prevents us from fully experiencing God’s love. That is the bad news which we need to hear so that we are ready for the good news which follows.

Jesus came from God to live on Earth as a man to experience human life with all its ups and downs and to show us how to live God’s way. That is good news – but there is better to follow! Jesus willingly died on the cross to bear the punishment from God which we deserve (but which he did not) – so that we can be forgiven and experience God’s love and fulness of life. That is great news – but there is even greater! Jesus did not stay dead – he rose from the grave to prove that he had triumphed over death and evil. He is alive and lives in his people today. These are the great truths that we celebrate at Easter.

Whether or not you believe the above, you are welcome to join us at the Baptist Church on Easter Saturday for Tea/Coffee and Hot Cross Buns anytime between 10:00am and 1:00pm. There will be displays illustrating the Easter message together with Easter music to listen to while enjoying a friendly chat over a cuppa.

You would also be welcome to any of our Easter services: Good Friday at 10:00am; Easter Sunday at 10:30am and 6:30pm (preceded by a bring-and-share tea at 5:15pm).


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