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  • Jim Etherton

You don't need to be Christian to come to church!

Talking to people who do not attend a church, I often find that they think that they should not go to a church service if they do not believe. Others think that it would be hypocritical to go to church because they are not good enough.

If you feel like that then let me tell you that you would be very welcome to come to any of our church services. If you are not a Christian, or are not sure whether you are, then coming to church could help you work out what you do and don’t believe. You may find your previous ideas confirmed or you may find them challenged.

At the Baptist Church, we base our teaching on the Bible. Each service includes at least one reading from the Bible and some explanation of how that relates to life today. For a book completed nearly two thousand years ago, it is amazing how relevant the Bible remains to current issues we face today. Whether you agree, and how you respond to what you read and hear is completely up to you.

And as to not being good enough – none of us are. We do not have to have our lives all sorted before we come to church. Most of us face various challenges and temptations at different times of life. Meeting with others and realising that we are not alone in our struggles can be a real help. The Christian faith has forgiveness and acceptance at its heart. We can come just as we are. Some people go away unchanged, but many find the love of God transforming.

As we meet together we believe that we also meet with God. In prayer we talk to him and in reading and listening we hear from him. If you come along one Sunday then you may experience this for yourself. At worst you will have spent an hour with some friendly people listening to uplifting words and music (and joining in some singing if you want to).

We guarantee to make you welcome however good (or not) you are and however much (or little) you believe.

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