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  • Jim Etherton

The Best-Selling Book

Do you know what the best-selling book was last year?

It may surprise you to know that it was the same book that was the best-seller the previous year and the year before that. Because one book outsells all others every year. It has also been translated into more languages than any other book.

That book is the Bible. Far from being old-fashioned and irrelevant, the Bible is as relevant and important today as it has ever been. It is hard to fully appreciate much of English Literature without a basic knowledge of the Bible. The works of Shakespeare include countless quotes from and allusions to the Bible – and the same is true of many other famous authors and poets. And many of our everyday phrases and sayings originate from the Bible. It contains timeless truths about human nature, society and the world around us as well as about God.

Most households have a Bible, but in too many cases it just sits on the shelf gathering dust. Because it was written a long time ago and in a different culture, we often need a little help understanding it without getting bogged-down. So at the Baptist Church we are running “The Bible Course” which offers an introduction to the whole Bible in just eight sessions. Developed by Bible Society, the course gives an overview of the “big picture” of the Bible so that when we read any particular part, we know how it fits in and have a much better idea what it means. It is designed to be suitable for anyone, whether or not you attend church and whether you have never looked at the Bible before or read it regularly – everyone should learn something. Each Monday afternoon session will last an hour (2pm to 3pm) followed by refreshments and will include a DVD and some discussion time.

The first four sessions are:

Monday 21 January Introducing the Bible Monday 4 February Creation and Covenant Monday 18 February Exodus and Promised Land Monday 4 March Judges and Kings

There is no charge for attending and you would be very welcome to come along and give it a try. Find us on the High Street (at the golf course end).

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