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  • Jim Etherton

Good News in Simple Words

Often people use long words in church. It is better to explain things so that anyone can understand. On this page, I am only using words which are used very often - the ten hundred most used words. I want to explain what I believe using these words. Explaining things simply helps us think about what things really mean and what is important.

God created the world and everything in it. All that he created was good. He also created men and women. He put these people in control of the world. But men and women did things that God had told them not to do.

Today, men and women continue to do bad things. We all do things that we know are wrong. God cannot ignore this because he is completely good. He cannot allow wrong things to continue without doing something about them. Bad people cannot come near to God. The bad things which keep us away from God need to be paid for, to put us right with God - so that we can come near to him and know him.

But God still loves every person even though he knows the bad things that they think and say and do. So, God decided to pay for these bad things himself. He came and lived on earth with people. He came as a man - Jesus. He lived a human life without doing anything wrong. He taught people about themselves and about God. He made sick people well again. He did great things which showed that he was more than just a man.

Some people hated Jesus because he showed how bad they were. They had Jesus killed on a cross. But three days later he came alive again. This showed that Jesus really was both God and man. His death was part of God's plan. This was how God himself paid for the bad things that we have all done.

Now, we just need to trust Jesus and believe that he died for us, to pay for the wrong things we have done. Then nothing will keep us away from God. We can know his love forever.

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