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  • Jim Etherton

Appreciating Creativity

March marks the beginning of Spring. All around us there are signs of new life. Creation awakens after its Winter sleep, with blossom, buds, flowers, shoots, leaves and young creatures all beginning to emerge. We can enjoy all of this whether or not we acknowledge that there is a creator God behind it all.

But recognising that all this beauty and wonder is the handiwork of a loving God, adds an extra dimension to our enjoyment of it. In the same way, we might appreciate a work of art differently if we know the artist personally.

The Bible tells us that God not only created the whole world, including us, but that he put something of his own nature into us.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 27, NIV)

I am certain that part of the “image of God” in each of us is creativity. Creativity is part of the essential nature of God which he has passed on to us: we are made to be creative.

When we can be creative then we feel more fulfilled. This creativity may express itself in many different ways: writing, drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, gardening or DIY to name just a few. As we appreciate the things created by those around us, it is good to express our appreciation to those involved in creating those things. We can thank those who have cooked a meal for us or who have tended a garden which we walk past. As we express our gratitude and acknowledge the work of others, relationships can start or deepen.

This month as you see the signs of Spring, why not try expressing your appreciation to the creator God? Thank him for the beauty that you see. As you do so, you may find that a personal relationship with the creator God can start to develop. Or if you already know him, that relationship can deepen.

You don’t need to go to church to give thanks to God – but joining with others in thanksgiving could help you to get to know your creator – why not try it?

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