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  • Jim Etherton

Too Good to be True?

When it comes to adverts and offers, we are often rightly sceptical whenever something seems too cheap or supposedly free. If something seems “too good to be true” then often it turns out that there is a catch: a hidden cost or commitment – so that the offer is not as good as it first seems, or the product is not what it seems.

The message of Easter is so amazingly good that some may dismiss that also as “too good to be true” – but is it?

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, proving that his claims to be more than just a good man were true. He had claimed to be God in human flesh – and his resurrection was proof of this claim.

The Bible tells us that when he was executed on the cross, Jesus willingly bore the punishment for all our wrongdoing. So, when he rose from the grave, he demonstrated that he had conquered death and evil and can give us new life with God.

The things we think, say and do wrong cause a barrier between us and God. There is nothing we ourselves can do on our own to remove this barrier. But God so loves us that he has provided a way for this barrier to be removed so that we can enjoy a personal relationship with him. If we turn away from what we know to be wrong and believe and trust that Jesus died willingly in our place, then God will view all our wrongdoing as having been paid for by Jesus. We can then know God together with freedom from guilt for all that is past.

Is that “too good to be true”? – some may think so. But millions of people throughout history and throughout the world today have found that forgiveness through Jesus and a personal relationship with God are a reality.

You would be very welcome to celebrate these amazing but true events with us:

Good Friday Morning at 10:00am

Easter Sunday Morning 10:30am

Easter Sunday Evening 6:30pm (bring-and-share tea from 5:15pm)

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